Thursday 8th - Sunday 11th August 2019

Bristol Energy


Bristol Energy is a national gas and electricity
company set up to help you get a better deal.

We want to make things fairer. For far too long, people have been paying too much for their energy. In fact, two thirds of us spend around £200 more each year than we need to – simply to switch the lights on, keep our family warm, or cook a hot meal.

We want to use our energy to make a positive difference. Not only do we give our customers a fairer deal, we’ll also reinvest our profits back into our founding city of Bristol. So our customers can help to make our city an even better place to live.

Live outside of Bristol? You can join us to. For a better deal and the knowledge that your money is going to do something good.

Last year 500,000 people from across the UK came to the balloon fiesta. If two thirds of us switched, that’s a potential saving of around £67million.

Imagine that.

This is the lightbulb moment you’ve been waiting for.

Enjoy the Balloon Fiesta, but why not get a quote to see if you could save money. It takes just minutes.

Use your energy to make a positive difference. Thank you.