Thursday 8th - Sunday 11th August 2019


This year the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta called on the people of Bristol and beyond to help bring an incredible special shaped hot air balloon home to fly over the city for the very first time and support the event.

The iconic Darth Vader balloon was built in Bristol by Cameron Balloons in 2007 but has never flown in the city despite appearing around the world in the likes of Australia, the United States, China and Malaysia. We are now aiming to change this, thanks to your help! The funds we’ve raised so far have covered the costs to bring this impressive balloon to Bristol for the Fiesta.

Now, we will continue to offer incredible rewards in return for donations to help raise the funds needed to stage this iconic, international event on the city’s doorstep.

Not many people realise this but the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is a not-for-profit event, it receives no public funding and each year, led by a committee of volunteers, the organisers raise the £750,000 it takes to put on this event, which brings balloons to the skies of Bristol and puts it on the international map.

While each year through relentless energy, passion and hard work we just about manage to raise the required funds to put on this incredible event, we’re left with very little reserves to really add something special to the programme and protect the event for future years to come.

With your help we wish to change that. It’s time to feel the force and be rewarded.

In return for your donations, there is an incredible list of rewards to befit this unique and much-loved event including hot air balloon flights, a Night Glow crew experience, VIP access to hospitality areas and the arena, access to the arena for selfie opportunities with the Darth Vader balloon, brewery tours, balloon-themed products and limited edition works of art.

All donations can be made by clicking the link below.