Thursday 8th - Sunday 11th August 2019

Pilot and Balloon Registration

The 2019 Bristol International Balloon Fiesta takes place between Thursday 8th and Sunday 11th August 2019.

Balloonist Application and Approval Process

Demand from Balloon Teams to attend the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta always exceeds the number of balloons we can safely and comfortably accommodate. For 2019 we have an online application process to manage both registration and accreditation.


How to apply

To register for the 2019 Fiesta please complete the following Balloonist Application Form or Model Balloonist Application Form.


Please check that you will have the correct pilot hours and documentation to participate (detailed below).
Applications are subject to meeting the terms and conditions of flying at the Fiesta and the approval of the Flying Committee. The Terms and Conditions of Entry can be found below.

Applications close on 13th March 2019.

All applications will receive formal approval from the Flying Committee by 31st March 2019.

Upon approval, a VAT invoice will be issued to you and payment will be required by return. Should you not meet the terms and conditions of entry, your application will be rejected by the Flying Committee.


Entry Prices and Classes of Entry for 2019

All balloons will enter the Fiesta in one of the following categories. If you have any doubt about the appropriate category for your balloon, please contact for advice. If BIBF feels an accepted balloon entry is made in the wrong category, any place it allocates may be held but entry not confirmed until the category of entry is agreed. The decision of BIBF regarding categories of balloons will be final.


A Private Entry applies to all balloons under 120,000 cu.ft (size restriction does not apply to special shapes) and unmarked or sponsored but whose sponsor is not currently trading. If a pilot wishes to bring additional envelopes but will only be flying one of those envelopes at any time, then only one entry is required but the additional envelope sections will need to be completed.


The Sponsored category is for balloons which are flown by private entrants who are flying balloons which carry logos of currently trading businesses. A Sponsored Entry applies to all Sponsored balloons under 120,000 cu.ft but whose sponsors do not pay the pilot for his/her services and do not pay anything other than expenses to cover the balloon’s participation in the Fiesta.

£250 plus VAT (round balloon) £150 plus VAT (special shape)

A Commercial Entry is applicable to balloons flown by commercial pilots being paid for their services and all balloons under the control of, or owned by balloon operating companies and balloons that are flying their sponsor’s passengers at the Fiesta irrespective of whom the balloon is lent to or flown by.

GROUP A: £250
GROUP B: £350
GROUP C: £450

A Passenger Balloon Entry is applicable to all conventional shape balloons that are flying fare- paying passengers. Group sizes are as follows. Group A: Up to 119,000 cu ft, Group B: 120,000 to 317,000 cu ft, Group C: 318,000 cu ft and above. A fuel supplement may apply to each flight. Cost to be advised.


Pilot Hours

To enter the Fiesta, pilots must have:
• If less than 25 hours total P1 time, at least 10 P1 hours since 12th August 2018,
• Or between 25 and 100 hours total P1 time, at least 5 P1 hours since 12th August 2018,
• Or if 100 hours or more, at least five flights of not less than five minutes duration in the preceding thirteen months, or have passed an Examiner flight check.


Documentation Required

The Fiesta will once again be running a self-declaration process at Check In on Thursday 8th August 2019. The self-declaration form will ask you to confirm that you have the following documentation available for inspection at any point during the Fiesta.

Each Balloon must be in possession of the following documentation:
• Certificate of Registration
• Insurance document
• Balloon Log Book
• C of A
• Airworthiness Review Certificate
• Last annual inspection report
• Flight Manual for the balloon


Each pilot must be in possession of the following documentation:
• Pilot licence
• Pilot Log Book
• Medical certificate
• LRO certificate
• Certificate of Experience (Commercial Pilots Only)
• Certificate of Test (AOC Pilots only)
• Baseline Check (AOC Pilots only)



For 2019 our Balloonist Village is proudly sponsored by J Bennett & Son