Thursday 8th - Sunday 11th August 2019

Aerospace Bristol

Aerospace Bristol: Concorde 50th Anniversary

This year the Fiesta has joined forces with Aerospace Bristol to honour one of the city’s most famed creations, Concorde.

In recognition of the momentous 50th anniversary of Concorde – one of aviation’s most inspiring creations – Captain Tim Orchard, former Concorde pilot and balloonist, will be bringing his very special hopper balloon to the 2019 Fiesta. Tim’s balloon is entirely unique as it made from the original seats of the 1980s Concorde Tim used to pilot.

Fiesta fans will get the chance to see a unique piece of aviation history in action, with the added bonus of it being piloted by a highly experienced former Concorde pilot. As Tim says, it’s “the only bit of Concorde that still flies!”.

Alongside the arena presence, Aerospace Bristol will be bringing a brand new exhibition of never-before-seen images and objects to the Fiesta. Entitled ‘Concorde: The World Shrinker’, the exhibition will explore the original aspirations for the world’s fastest passenger jet, the global routes it would hopefully fly and the idea of changing passenger travel forever.

Objects on display will include a Concorde pilot’s uniform, a Concorde model, and an interactive exhibit showing Bristol icons racing across the Atlantic. The exhibition will also feature a series of free, fun five-minute flight-themed Live Science Shows with Aerospace Bristol’s Learning Team once every hour between 12.30 and 17.30. The exhibition will be open across the four days, giving visitors the chance to explore, learn and understand Concorde like never before.